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The Trust 

The Bolton Multi Academy Trust was established by a group of education professionals who had a vision of creating an ethical organisation that prioritises the needs of young people and values the adults that support them.

The Trust started its journey in 2013 as ConcertEd Multi Academy Trust. We changed our name in 2016 in response to feedback from stakeholders.

At Bolton Multi Academy Trust we intend:

  • To improve the life chances of young people - both within our organisation and beyond

  • To ensure that each young person achieves the best possible qualifications to equip them for future education and work

  • To support staff in the schools we work with to develop unique, innovative provision that is tailored to the needs of their community

  • To ensure that everyone we work with is empowered to make a positive difference

  • To model empathy, respect and integrity through our working practices

  • To continue to strive for improvement - in the schools we work with and in ourselves

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